Honor Guard Sculpture

The original concept for representing the Honor Guard, with its meaning and importance to the military tradition, was originally conceived in the form of a proposal for a relief. While it started as four people standing at attention, a sculpture static by its very nature, it evolved toward a larger and more compelling conception. The sculptures act as a human complement to the overwhelming steel spires of the Memorial.
The purposefully undefined figures of the Honor Guard soon became recognizable as individuals. The figures came into view as unique people, with faces and bodies infused with life, inspiring connections to the real people who serve and sacrifice. They reflect the diversity of gender and race that strengthens the Air Force and the Nation.

Through this sculpture, visitors to the Memorial encounter the iconic notion of the Honor Guard. They become aware of the presence of those who have and continue to protect the dignity of service to the country. I hope this honor guard elicits reaction through art and form, and stands as a testament to enduring service and sacrifice for the public good.

Zenos Frudakis, Sculptor 
June 2006

For more information on Mr. Frudakis’ work and career, visit www.zenosfrudakis.com.